"And did the gods invent gunpowder? No, we did. We are mapping the stars and enabling feats beyond what was previously thought possible. We are the gods of this era, we usher in an age of Man!" - Sixtus Asher

On Natalis

The advancement of science in recent days has shown to be both curse and blessing for the inhabitants of Natalis. As Man began to settle into the city, the proximity and community gave rise to new technologies, aimed at improving the lifestyle and bringing comfort to the citydwellers. While it is still at an infant stage, its partial compatability with magic has spurned the progress and caused a surge in rapid developement, when the first pact of magi and scientists was formed on the premise of co-operation for the greater good of mankind. The transfer of raw energy has enabled scientists to transform the output of steam engines into flashier and more powerful forms of energy with the help of the Tharisium Coil. With these achievements foreboding a new era of wealth and prosperity to the people in the quickly gowing settlements.

Current developments in scientific research beckon a new era for the planet of Natalis. On the continent Scale in the city of Mandrealis, Man first conquered the sky with the help of balloons and - soon enough - the first blimps that enabled travel in never befor envisioned proportions. Simultaneously the track for the first steam-powered locomotive, called the Lancer has pierced the vast verdance of Boreal, connecting the icy South to the more habitable Western and Northern regions. While technologically still far beyond Scale which has the advantage of large coal and ore deposists, aiding in the continents industrial developement, Boreal is still notable for its advancements in the field of overland transportation and logging industry spurned by its extensive forests and vast, deep forests, which have remained largely unexplored all throughout the era of Man.

Recent Breakthroughs