Many Beings share a common level of limitations to their abilities and overall capabilities. Although these limits are both mental and physical, there are possibilities to break these bonds. One ability is to enhance the Soul to withstand the weight of breaking the limits. This costs a lot of strength and power.

Such a Limit Break costs 150 Soul Points and increases the Limit of ONE attribute by 6 or a skill by 12. Trying to break the new limit of an already enhanced attribute/skill costs double the points, so 300 Soul Points.

Attributes and skills have to be leveled the same way as before, whether it is with Soul Points or Experience Points for the respective category.

A Limit Break can be disabled to reduce the Auras visibility and hide certain features acquired that are normally not present (e.g. Angel Wings on a Demon). Limit Breaks can be switched through with a Free Action in Combat or activate automatically when fighting.

The extra dices acquired through a Limit Break do not account into the requirements of spells or other abilities, therefore requirements that state Talented and/or Extraordinary Attribute in them still require them.