Accumulated energies gather more of the similar. ~The Universal Law by Karma.

Justice in Balance

For Karma, (in the old tongue known as Kaa), The Universe is a peculiar piece that requires intricate work of balance. The teachings of Equilibrium manifested in Karma's mind. She formed punishment and reward for those that work in ways that benefit from one or the other. Throughout the course of time, Karma became the symbol of natural justice, solely for the fact that she let her Universal Law become such a peculiar piece for people.


Her appearance is an enigma, a mirror of the karmic energies collected by the viewer. If your life was prosperous and you did well in helping people, Karma is an extravagant person dressed fine and rich with silks and gems. On the contrary, having a life of death, decay and being anti-social, you'll see a person with no value on her, clothes ragged and torn, the skin blemished with bruises and scars. At war, Karma is a female knight, wrapped in violet armor that is laced, its holes filled with thorns. As her weapon of choice, Karma wields an arming sword and a parrying dagger.

Lotus Brooch


Drawing of a Lotus Brooch

Jewelry is often a gift for many men and women that live in balance with their actions. The greatest gift for a follower of Karma is a brooch resembling three lotus blossoms that are on a three armed cross. It is often made of expensive gems, but there are more crude ones, each and every single one resembling the overall karmic balance of the person obtaining it.

Other Names in Association

  • Kaa (in old tongue)
  • Waging Balance