Throughout the story/campaign, it is crucial for character development to increase the abilities and skills of the characters. Not only can a character ascend, there are more ways to enhance skills. There are multiple paths for a character progression to take.

Characters earn Soul Points and Experience Points throughout the story, which can be used in the various ways that are listed below.


Ascension is the growth of the Soul. It enhances the abilities through the natural improvement of the Soul. These abilities grow with the cost of Soul Points.

For more information, check the Ascension page.


Skills are only enhanced through Experience Points. To increase a skill, it costs (New Level X 2) in Experience Points. The time it takes to learn the skill is the New Level in days, while the Learning roll reduces the time to learn by successes in hours per day.

Body Modding

There are various technological advances in the recent years. The creation of electricity, complex machinery to transport things, equipment to help people in their everyday work, as well as medical equipment. Another medical advancement is the replacement of organs and appendages with machinery. Though very crude looking, these machines are able to perform better than the replaced organ.

For a list of possible Body Mods and their costs, check the Body Modding page.

Soul Modding

Though very risky and almost impossible to come by, some arcane masters allow a subtle adjustment to the Soul. Some alter the abilities of the user by adjusting the Limits from Skills, others adjust the stats from Talents and Detriments or even add or remove some of those.

For a list of Soul Mods that can be purchased and how they are learned/acquired, check the Soul Modding page.

Talents and Detriments

As in Character Creation, Beings have Talents and Detriments that they can obtain and use. Although the costs during Creation costs Talent Points, after Creation they cost Soul Points.

5 Soul Points are equivalent to 1 Talent Point.

The costs for Talents is equal to double the Talent Points. The costs to remove Detriments is three times the Talent Points.


Of course, not everything can be bought from the start and there is always the chance for a character to obtain something stronger than the starting equipment.

If your character requires more equipment, she can do so by buying things from the Arms and Armor, Arcane Equipment and the Adventuring Gear pages.