Many know of Hell, but few know of the real place for powerful Demons to dwell in. This place is known as Hæl, named after the father of the First Succubi and currently living Avatar of Kaeldra. This place is the seating of the most powerful Demons to have ever existed. Only Demons are allowed entrance, though other Beings are allowed to enter with an official invitation from one of the higher order.

A World of Ashes and Flesh

To describe Hæl is to describe a personal nightmare of ashes and bodies. Everything that was hunted, abused and killed was thrown into the lands of the true underworld. There are structures made of marble or other materials that stick out from the dimension of grey, black and occasional red.


There are no known numbers of inhabitants. It is known, thought, that there are at the very least sixteen inhabitants known:

The Ethereal
Higher Plains The Market * Arcana Academia * The Siren's Nest * Hell
Lower Plains The Scar * Mausoleum * Envyara * Mournhold * The Asylum * Hæl
The Grounds The Old Battlefield * Frozen Time * A Dead Child * Fetid Ashes
The Thrones White Cathedral * Nyx * The Just Heaven