Since the Universe was split into the Earthen and Ethereal, it was impossible for Beings to walk the soils on which the endless wars between the Gods were held. Though the battleground can be seen from anywhere in the Ethereal, it is still more than a challenge for a Being to travel there.

It is a legend that Yufar once traveled the Ethereal to collect a sample of this sand to dye the robe he was tasked to make. It took him five years of non-stop traveling the Ethereal to reach the sacred grounds. However, little did he know that the blood that was spilled on the sand made the material a very corrupting power.


Godsblood Sand is ineffective for as long as it is only in the Ethereal. Once it enters a pocket-dimension or the Earthen with proper physical shapes, the sand becomes a potent nerve poison, mineral decomposer and aggressive fire catcher. Any Being exposed to the sands on a physical plane immediately receive penalties beyond measurement.