Everything that is not whole shall become wholesome. ~The Universal Law by Ezkwa.

The Nurturing Seed

Ezkwa, (in the old tongue known as Skv), is the Goddess of Nature and the ways nature retains existence. As many people believe, it is Ezkwa's Universal Law that made the Universe heal from injuries and allow even simple Beings and the lands itself to regain strength. Many people following the belief of naturalism, that nature is the purest essence of the Universe, are all followers of Ezkwa.


Ezkwa is a persona known as a dryad, a creature resembling nature. The skin is bark from the belly area to the feet as well as on the arms. The chest, back and hair is covered in leafs and the eyes are large gemstones. Whatever skin is visible is a dark blue to purplish tint. When the war drums call and the Gods enter war, Ezkwa turns into a massive world-tree beast out of ironbark.

Living Seed


A Living Seed

People carry seeds with them in order to praise Ezkwa with new life. Though these are normal seeds, sometimes Ezkwa gives the faithful servants a seed with divine energies flowing through it. This seed is a Living Seed, a true symbol of nature and Ezkwa. This seed can be planted into the soil to cleanse it from all pollution or into the body of a dead to create a world-tree.

Other Names in Association

  • (The name is pronounced 'S-kwa')
  • Skv (pronounced Skwa) (in old tongue)
  • Mother Nature
  • The Dryad