Fortuna and those that follow her are blessed with luck. Fortune favors the ability of a person to let chance take a different route, as well as increase the chance of finding important information. In order for the abilities to channel properly, a follower of Fortuna requires an Old Lucky Coin.

Domain Spells

Attribute Level Spells
1 Fortunate Event
2 Coin Armor

Fortunate Event
The wielder of the Old Lucky Coin is blessed with the ability to push chance more than once. A character can chose to reroll any type of roll of their own. This can be done (1/3 of Faith Attribute, rounded down, minimum 1) [1-5 = 1; 6-8 = 2; 9-10 = 3] per day. The character may chose which of the two rolls she wants to keep.

Coin Armor
The Old Lucky Coin is such a stable piece of metal that it can block blows of almost any material. Whenever an enemy successfully hits the character, roll 1d20. If the result is 20, the attack will automatically go against the Mental Monitor. If the result is 1, the attack will automatically go against the Physical Monitor. Both results are independent whether the attack actually goes through the Armor Rating or not. Any result other than 1 or 20 apply the usual attack rules.