Truth always has a shadow to hide itself in. ~The Universal Law by Dolapate

Truthless Smile

Dolapate, (in the old tongue known as Bvz), is the God or Goddess that works with deceit, trickery and lies. This Being teaches its artistry of stealth to those that are willing to listen and not befall the curse of Insanity. Nevertheless, Dolapate has taken actions to let Light become the dominant Goddess of the Universe and let Souls flourish individually.


If there were one true depiction of Dolapate, the Universe could come to a rest. Dolapate never takes the same form twice and yet everyone is able to see the God as such in front of them, no matter how insignificant the figure or form is. In war, Dolapate appears as an enigma to the eye, unable to perceive what true form moves in front of them.

The Covered Eye

A symbol of trickery is a depiction of two eyes, while one is covered by a hand and the other shut. It acts as greeting between the deceitful ones. It represents the trick that the covered eye can be open or closed and no one knows for sure. Dolapate itself calls the symbol child's play. It prefers to see people wearing brooches of mockingbirds.

Associated Names

  • Bvz (pronounced bVish) (in old tongue)
  • The Liar
  • The Deceitful One
  • The Trickster
  • Mother of Insanity