To every living and every unliving a strength. ~The Universal Law by Alqeera

The Sharpest Blade

Alqeera, (in the old tongue known as Lka), is the Goddess associated with brutal war. Throughout history, she provided 'means for the weak to fight the strong', which were mostly weapons. She also created the Ethrealis after the Universe split in multiple layers to provide a weapon known as Soulweapon. Ever since Light rose her voice for the freedom of Souls, Alqeera took a stand to defend her sister by all means, even if it meant rising her blade against formidable fighters, such as Shadow.


Taking a humanoid shape of a wolfbeast, Alqeera carries a crude looking two-handed sword with her. There are no distinct gender features about her figure, but the Goddess speaks in a serene, female voice. This form is omnipresent in depictions and in times of war.

The Anvil

Each and every Being dedicated to Alqeera has her emblem engraved into their weapons, the Anvil. It is one of the simplest symbols within the Gods, if one does not count in those that have none or more practical pieces, like the mask dedicating to Syle.

Other Names in Association

  • Lka (pronounced "El-Ka") (in old tongue)
  • The Anvil
  • Matron of Outlaws
  • Kleoseptris

Morals and Ethics

  • You exceed in one thing. Use it.
  • When you fall, climb back up.
  • Don't let others tear you down.